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Ready to glow with Fresklo?

Formulated with biocompatible ingredients that will make your skin glow.


Why shop with Fresklo?

Unique, simple, and effective formulas.

All our products are uniquely formulated by people who have your skin in their best interest. We carefully curate our formulas from start to finish adding only ingredients that have been thoroughly researched and tested so that we are sure they will benefit your skin. We keep our formulas simple, yet effective. We don't use purposeless fillers, fragrances, drying alcohols, or dyes. Skincare should be quality over quantity, which is why we give you the best formulas in a single bottle.

Don't know where to start? Shop by your skin concern.

Looking to stay hydrated?

The ultimate glow mist guaranteed to leave your skin glowing.


Skin feeling dry or dull?

Add Rosehip Oil into your routine today.


Combat those breakouts.

Formulated specifically for acne.


Your favorite oil cocktail.

Formulated with 6 oils to fight acne and dryness.


Say bye to the dirt and makeup.

An oil cleanser guaranteed to leave your skin sparkly clean.


No need to feel guilty.

We do our best to make our brand sustainable and kind to the environment-- read more on our FAQ tab.

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