I know the struggle between wanting to absolutely love yourself and also wanting to stay home after you looked in the mirror. Skin can be problematic and completely put at risk our self confidence. Before I developed Fresklo, my skin was a combination of dry, flaky, bumpy, roughly textured, peeling, and scarring. I tried to use every product you could think of to try and balance out my skin. One day a light bulb went off. What if the products I was using were the actual cause of my skin issues? After deep research, I realized that the products I was using were actually harmful for my skin. Although they were marketed as "natural", they contained ingredients that were completely destroying my skin, little by little. I began to hunt for new products that were actually 100% natural, and to my surprise, I could not find any that were what I was looking for, so I began experimenting myself. 


After extensive research, trial and error, a few breakouts, and two years, I finally had my perfect formulation. My skin looked better than ever. People would ask me all the time what I used and I would always tell them about my homemade products. They would encourage me to make them some or sell them, and finally, after sharing it with a few people seeing the amazing transformation pictures, and receiving better feedback than I expected, I decided to share my products with the rest of the world. 


All the ingredients I use are noncomedogenic which means they will never clog your pores or break you out. They also perfectly perfectly mimic the natural sebums your skin already produces, which means your skin will absolutely thank you. And you will thank us.


We pride ourselves in the pricing of our products. They are affordable for everyday consumers like you. I wanted to make sure every person that wants to try our products have the chance without having to destroy their wallet, because I also want you to love your skin.


100% natural. Healthy. Safe. Affordable. What's not to like?


We are so glad to see you've reached our page and are dying to know a little more about us! Fresklo is 100% committed to providing satisfaction to all customers and making sure that none of our products contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to our consumers. Unlike many of our competitors, we are completely transparent with our ingredients and their benefits and we steer away from falsely claiming to be 100% natural, because we are. Most importantly, Fresklo is committed to keeping our consumers satisfied with their purchases, because we actually care. 



Production- Each one of your products is made by an actual real human being. We are dedicated to providing the best products we possibly can so people like you can be 100% satisfied.

Formulation- We test our products with a selected group of people for months before release. That way, we can be sure that you are receiving the best version possible of formulation. 

Ingredients- In Fresklo, we do research on all the ingredients we use before even consider adding it to a product. We never use ingredients that are known to break out your skin or dry it out. 

Amount- Unlike our competitors, our list of ingredients are nothing but a handful. That's because we believe that the ingredients we use are capable of perfect performance on their own. No need to pack on unnecessary ingredients on your skin, trust us.