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Meet The Founder

Hi loves!

I'm so happy you want to learn a little more about me! I believe that it's important to know the morals behind the brand you're supporting and just as equally important to know who the face behind the brand is! Allow me to introduce myself..


My name is Jas, I am a Latinx woman raised in North Carolina and also a student at UNC Chapel Hill. You're probably asking yourself "how did you get here?" Well, my love for skincare started my freshman year of college when after some traveling, I felt my skin was irreparable. I was trying all sorts of products and using ingredients that were making my skin worse. I started doing research, learning about skincare ingredients, and dove deep into the world of effective skincare. Soon after, I started making my own products for myself. Months later, I started selling them to close friends, and eventually opened up Fresklo. My knowledge and love for skincare continues to grow everyday and my goal is to keep making products that your skin will love.


This skincare brand was made not only made to provide skincare products to you all, but to inspire and encourage Latinx women just as myself to pursue your dreams and your hobbies. You are capable of anything you put your heart and mind to. Don't hesitate to reach out to me, I would love to chat!


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